This age group is much likely depends on sensory learning. Children tend to learn from their environment. Every child is unique and has different physical and intellectual abilities.  Children of this age are introduced to Montessori environment that will help them function independently and thereby develop their skills by self spacing to adapt to the learning environment.

In Montessori classroom, children are introduced different areas of learning simultaneously. Based on observation, the teachers find out the abilities of each child and the activities are shown in order.

Each material is introduced to the child by the teacher in the ratio 1:1 which means each child will be given special attention. Apart from this, group presentations are also part of the curriculum. These group activities will help children to learn how to be a part of a group and also how to function harmoniously with other children. Our nursery programme is designed to give your child a head start for school by incorporating the following in the curriculum:

  • Letters, Numbers recognition and Phonics through carefully designed learning activities
  • Value based social skills through highly interactive teaching methods
  • Self-help tasks to enable them to develop a sense of independency
  • A chance to play and interact with other children to acquire important interpersonal skills