A child enters into the schooling at the age of 1½ Years. This period plays a vital role as it is the time for the physical and mental development which would be more than ever. At Aadvik Kids Kingdom, we have created the environment in such a way that it enhances the growth of children. We make children to experience the learning that will make them learn the base of the concepts. On knowing that children are keen observers, we introduce them to newly designed learning environment which gives them experience like art, rhymes, music, dance and physical education.

Early childhood is a very important and crucial phase of life. On the basis of the needs of the children, we have designed our curriculum that will meet the individual need. Technology is introduced at this age so that they can learn the concepts by watching 3D animated content instead of reading textbooks alone. They learn songs and rhymes through digitalized speakers. They get to listen to simply attractive tunes so that they can learn the songs. Colourful and theme based learning environment, friendly teachers, nurturing ambience enables children to learn with ease.

Activities are designed such that each sense of the child is enhanced. By enriching each sense the child will be able to classify, categorize, judge and predict things better than before. Another advantage of Montessori environment is that children are introduced to phonetic sounds so that they are exposed to rich vocabulary right from their young age. Children of this age group are introduced to several individual and group activities that help in their holistic development. Our playgroup curriculum focuses on:

  • Providing a secured and stimulating environment that helps children interact with others of their age
  • Giving necessary resources like toys, books, games and puzzles which cater to the children’s creative intelligence.
  • Helping the children form a routine that eases the transition from home to school

Developing the physical and psychological skills and abilities of the children.