Who We Are

Welcome to AADVIK KIDS’ KINGDOM, the new generation play school. Our school provides Modern learning and Traditional values blend to create an academically and socially enriching environment. We believe each child is unique and deserves a chance to discover their uniqueness. Our activities and curriculum provide experiential learning and holistic development for a better life.

Our teachers are well qualified and experienced. Innovative teaching aids are designed to impart age appropriate knowledge. We have an ideal child teacher ratio giving each child adequate personal attention. Opportunities will be given to explore their abilities and do what interests them. The school believes in guiding the parents about positive parenting so as to make parenting more joyful and effectual.

The fulcrum of our school is ‘activity based learning’ in a unique infrastructure built to international standards of quality and safety. The campus is safe and secure with CCTVs fitted at all strategic locations. The security and other staff discharge their duty with utmost care and responsibility. The school has an efficient fire fighting system in place. Our school is in the centre of the area where parents can easily have an access.

Our Vision

Aadvik Kids’ Kingdom provides a safe, secured and stimulating learning environment with an equal emphasis on curricular and co-curricular activities. On our run to upgrade the children into responsible global citizens, we recognise all the aspects of a child's holistic development and hence our programmes foster intellectual, physical, lingual, social, emotional, and creative growth in a perfectly tailored environment with love and care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the young minds a child-friendly environment for their holistic development. We help students discover their talents, develop skills and establish values to act with thoughtfulness in society. We help the parents in improving their parenting skills for a better parenting experience.